07 May 2013

"Cheekini" explained

Cheekini: A style of women’s underwear with moderate coverage in front and on the sides and a raised cut in the rear that covers some but not all of the buttock cheeks.

The style sometimes appears, with minor variations, under different names: boykini panties, boyleg briefs, hipster panties, booty shorts. All are marketed as comfortable, panty-line-less alternatives to thong underwear.

I first discovered cheekini on the Victoria’s Secret website, but the term is neither original nor exclusive to that retailer. JC Penney sells cheekini panties under its Flirtitude label; it also sells visually similar boykini panties and hipster panties.
There's more information about cheekinis at Fritinancy, which also offers this evocative alternative term for thongs:  "butt floss."

Image from Victoria's Secret.


  1. I miss when boyleg briefs had actual legs.

  2. I've found them to be the most uncomfortable style of panties, in addition to looking absolutely horrible on my butt shape. Death to cheekinis!


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