24 May 2013


I always like to end my blogging morning with a good image at the top of the page. Here's another photo of this famous rock formation (named because of its resemblance to a troll's tongue):

It is located near Odda and the Hardanger Fjord, well south of the Fjaerland Fjord where my ancestors lived.

See also Preikestolen.

Top image via Reddit; second one via Wikipedia.


  1. Makes my stomach twitch just looking at it.

  2. The first time I saw this photo it made me a bit dizzy and I thought I'd never sit on the edge like that. Seeing it again after your previous post, it looks calm and peaceful. Hell of a contrast.

  3. I looked at the first photo and wet my pants.


  4. Although I no longer suffer the severe bouts of acrophobia like I used to, seeing the guy perched on the end of that rock makes the bottom of my feet tingle, and I feel a bit woozy. Thanks for that!

  5. It is odd how people can get that funny sensation in different parts of their bodies.
    I get a weakness in the back of my thighs.

  6. I showed my wife him sitting on the cliff, she hates heights.

  7. A video of him getting into position and back on his feet could be pretty interesting.

    1. There's some discussion at the linked Reddit thread of the various possibilities in that regard.

  8. I would so have to have a harness on to do that...it looks so calm and freeing to dangle your feet, but I think I could be the person who stumbles while getting up.

  9. I get the tingling in the back of my thighs too. Funny how that works.


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