16 May 2013

Hungary's "Attraction" shadow theater company performs

With a hat tip to Warren.


  1. *How* do people get this kind of inspiration? Stunning.

  2. Fabulous.

    But they're from Hungary - what has that got to do with Britain having talent?

    1. In Norway the Romanian pianist won the first place in 2012.( X Factor )
      His name is Bogdan Alin Ota and in his country haven't chance to be recognized!!! He is a great artist,pianist and composer (wach his semi-final and final, you will be very touched!) now was told about him, that he is like Mozart! or , and Ludwig van Beethoven !!!!
      In some country you have no chance to show Who You Really Are and how fantastic and good you are.
      Listen to Bogdan about what he was talking, and probably you will understand more!
      Sincerely Julie

  3. Attraction is awesome I hope they win, I found more videos on http://www.attractionshadowtheatre.com which are just mind blowing!


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