13 May 2013

73 to the 12th power is how much? Rudiger Gamm knows. Also 54 to the 17th power. Watch.

This is Rudiger Gamm.  What's interesting is that even though he is a mental calculator, for this television show he appears to be not calculating the numbers, but rather reciting them from memory.

From his head motion I would also wonder if he has an eidetic memory and is seeing the number in his mind and reading it out loud.


  1. I didn't know that word, eidetic, but from my general knowledge this is usually the case. He's just reading the "landscape" created by the numbers, just like we would enumerate objects around us.

  2. A lot of people do awkward things when they're counting, I know when I do I always look away from where the numbers are and kind of linger off to the side before returning to it. It's an odd tick I guess of sorts.

  3. Fascinating... though I'm not really qualified in any way to say this, I took a different thought away from watching him. Seemed to me that he was performing calculations and perhaps ”watching” numbers falk into place, then reciting them as he saw them.


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