29 April 2012

"Yes, minister" in real life

"In an interview on Australian Sky News, the country's employment minister, Bill Shorten, is asked his opinion on the return of Peter Slipper, the speaker of the parliament, after a sexual harassment claim. Shorten admits he does not know what his prime minister said on the issue - but says he supports whatever it was."
As I listened to this interchange, I thought I was hearing a Clarke and Dawe skit.


  1. Well to be fair the Australian Prime Minister has been under sustained attack from the Murdoch press since she formed government over a year ago, and Sky is part of our dear Ex-pat's arsenal. So I can't blame ministers for shouting "We support her, enough already", because every time their answers are slightly different there is an attempt to spin it into a challenge to the PM.

    If we're to believe the media talking points our government is inept and has done nothing, but while doing nothing they've somehow passed more legislation than the previous government already...

    1. If the case is a fight against Murdoch and his empire, count me as an unbounded supporter too. And I don't even know who that lady is :)


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