11 June 2010

Two skits by Clarke and Dawe

John Clarke and Bryan Dawe are political satirists/comedians from New Zealand and Australia.  In 2008 I posted their skit "The Front Fell Off," and several days ago posted their explanation of the Gulf oil spill at Neatorama.  While researching that post, I found the two above - the Credit Crunch, and seismic-related deaths of cetaceans.  More on the very serious matter of the latter topic later.  For now the humor will suffice.

More skits here.


  1. Here in Alberta we'd call it a skit.

  2. Brag is very good isn't he.
    Good find.

  3. Clarke is a New Zealander by birth, and as with many talented NZders, crossed the ditch to further his career.
    His first, and for us Kiwis, most famous comedic character was Fred Dagg. Absolutely priceless.

  4. Tx Kathryn; I amended the text to give proper geographical credit.

    Wasn't sure what adjective to use for Clarke - Kiwiian? New Zealandian? Finally opted for "from New Zealand."

  5. I'm sure that one of our friends from the southern hemisphere will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe "Kiwi" is the appropriate adjective as well as the noun.


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