30 April 2012

A Northern Royal Flycatcher displays his crest

The Northern Royal Flycatcher is 16.5–18 cm (6½-7”) long, with an erectile fan-shaped crest, coloured red in the male and yellow-orange in the female. The display with the crest fully raised is seen extremely rarely, except during banding sessions.
Via animals, animals, animals.


  1. To anthropomorphise for a moment - he looks really proud of that!

  2. "AH! You're pinching my foot, you fool!"

  3. Please, may I use this photo in a booklet - 1,000 copies. It is for Missions of Hope International, Nairobi, Kenya. The booklet will be used to teach students (who live in the Mathare slum) about birds' beaks and what they eat.

    Thank you for replying.


    1. I did not take the photo, so the permission is not mine to give. If you click on the "via" in the post, it will go to a page that has a link to the "source," but whether that is the original photographer I do not know. You might also try a Tineye or Google image search and then sort by date for the earliest publication of the image. Good luck.


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