27 April 2012

How to make a "naked egg"

Soak a raw egg in vinegar, where the acetic acid will dissolve the calcium in the shell.  A series of photos are posted at Izismile without credit to the source*.   Exploratorium has a discussion with some details of the process.

* (if anyone knows the original source, leave a comment and I'll switch the link)


  1. This is awesome. I remember doing this project back in the 3rd grade in the early 90s!

    Too bad I don't really have an idea on what to do with the egg once it's naked.

  2. I've read about this before in a different context that also solves teh yoshi's problem.

    There is a magic trick in which a piece of paper magically transforms into an egg before your eyes. I won't give away the whole secret (I've never actually tried it anyway), but part of the preparation involves first blowing out the yolk and white from an egg and then dissolving the shell in vinegar, leaving only the thin inner membrane.

  3. The earliest reference I found is this one dated April 13th...

    That doesn't mean it is the first.

    1. I just did a Google image search of the top photo and restricted the date range, and found this in 2009 -


      - but even that doesn't look like an original post.

  4. Tempted by the potential of finding a magic trick, I searched YouTube and found lots and lots of naked egg videos. But nothing magical.


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