30 April 2012

Growth of the Olympics

The small circles are icons of natinal flags, showing participation in the Olympic games from 1896 (iinnermost) to the present.

Designed by Alicia Korn, via Found Here.


  1. I vaguely recalled a boycott of the games during my lifetime, and counted back the rings to figure out it was 1980 and 1984 that have lower numbers, indicated clearly on this graphic.


  2. The circular shape is misleading. It looks like the 2008 games had fewer nations represented than the 2004 games, when wikipedia tells me that 2008 had three more! In fact, each of the last four games has had more nations represented than the previous, but the larger circumference of the outer circles makes the trend look like the opposite.


  3. Yes, the corrupt for-profit scam that wraps itself in the mantle of "world peace through sports" continues to take in more rubes.


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