19 April 2012

A woman in a wheelchair is thrown off a bridge

At her request, we should emphasize.

Christi 'LynX' Rougoor became paraplegic after a motocross accident but still wanted to experience adrenaline rushes,  so a group called 9Lives Adventures helped her bungee jump.

As to the question of why she was in a wheelchair for the event, a paraplegic noted in the YouTube comments that "because the legs and hips of a paraplegic will atrophy, so by the conventional method of strapping the bungee cord to the feet would instantly dislocate her legs after the first drop."


  1. Did you see the gif reddit made?

    1. Hadn't seen that - but I think I'll defer on posting it. :.)

  2. There are also pictures floating around of people crowdsurfing in wheelchairs...just be sure to set the brakes. Apparently it's harder than it looks.


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