19 April 2012

Pages of federal tax rules

The x-axis is nonlinear, probably because the bars represent times of changes in tax law.

Via The Dish.

Addendum:  After a reader described the graph as "useless without a linear x-axis," another (anonymous) reader kindly regraphed the data with a linear x-axis:


  1. Enjoyed quite a discussion over dinner about how 'strategic legislation' (we made that up without googling so if it has another definition, please pardon) is a useful tool in business and can be used by companies you think are on your side.
    Consider these hypothetical examples:
    Keep our county dry? Paid for by group of liquor store owners we patronize in surrounding counties.
    Largest supporters of keeping gambling out of Texas? Neigbor state casinos we visit.
    Legislation to limit the performance of new vehicles and motorcycles? Aftermarket manufacturers we think are on our side.
    Keep pot illegal? Big Pharma...
    Sterile food and places? Big Pharma...
    Ban symbiotic parasite treatments (cure)? Big pharma...
    Require permits for independant fresh produce stands? Super market chains.
    ...It's fun and yet frightningly plausible.

  2. So this would apply here in that you could require regulation that in turn requires a special tax that hits new businesses but grandfathers your monopoly.
    Or perhaps make it so complicated that startups will have to incur prohibitive costs of full time accountants or risk the wraths of the IRS.

  3. This chart is useless without a linear x-axis.

  4. Here are the same numbers plotted with a linear x axis: http://imgur.com/pDQZn

    1. Thank you, anonymous person. I've added your graph to the post.

      btw, do you know anywhere online where I can download graph paper with a 12-minor-tick (i.e. monthly) x-axis? I've never been able to find one; everything seems to be decimal only.

    2. incompetech.com/graphpaper/plain/

    3. Thank you, JD. It may be there somewhere at the site, but I can't seem to find (or create) a template that has 12 minor ticks between each of the major ticks on the x-axis.


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