02 January 2012

Good fences make good neighbors

A clever idea for adding color and sparkle to a drab, sun-bleached fence:
I would recommend using new marbles. Vintage marbles will vary in size, slightly, so if you can deal with this, go ahead. So first, find your marbles if you’ve lost them, then determine a drill bit size that will bore a hole, ever so slightly smaller than your marble. You want it to press in snugly to help it stay put. No adhesive needed. I advise drilling test holes in scrap wood to help you get the right sized holes made. You may need to purchase a special sized bit.

I lose a marble or two over the winter from the wood contracting and expanding and maybe a couple over the summer, but a little vigilance, popping them back in is all that’s needed.
Further details at Garden Drama, via Neatorama.


  1. This is neat. Pretty with the sunlight shining through it. But I suspect it would not be doable where temperatures have such a range throughout the year that wood expands and contracts so much that doors and windows open and close easily one season and barely work in the next.

  2. Seems to me that a little clear silicone caulk would cure the marble loss problem. Silicone is flexible, so the wood's contraction and expansion wouldn't knock it loose.

  3. Thanks Stonemaven. Now I just need to build a fence. Fine line here between whimsical and tacky - have to tread carefully.

  4. If it works and looks good, email a photo to me at my address in the right sidebar and I'll append the photo to the post. :.)


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