28 January 2012

Slip-on coasters for wine glasses

We have in a kitchen drawer somewhere a couple stretchable cloth "sleeves" that can be slipped over a cold can or glass in the summer to absorb the sweating and thus protect furniture; this is the first time I've seen the concept applied to wine glasses. 

These felt coasters come in different colors, which allows party guests to keep track of whose glass is whose.

Created by Dimmalimm, via if it's hip, it's here.


  1. I don't normally drink wine.
    The whole purpose of the long stem is so that your warm hands won't warm up the wine.
    Does condensate bead on the body and drip all of the way down the stem?

    1. It most certainly does in Texas in the summertime!

  2. A variation on those wine glass "amulets" that have been popular for a while now. As you said, they're to keep track of your glass at a party. I prefer a much simpler solution: Just don't put your glass down! ;-)


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