24 January 2012

Make your own mineral water

Edible Geography notes that the ratios of the ingredients are prominently listed on each product "so that you can easily find the total dissolved solids in such premium sparkling waters as Perrier, Badoît, and Vichy."

So... you can make your own.
Lersch has created a mineral water calculator — a handy downloadable spreadsheet into which you simply enter your tap water composition (optional, but recommended for best results; your water company should provide this upon request) and select your preferred mineral water, in order to generate a printable ingredients list of minerals and salts.
Some ingredients ("food grade sodium bromide") are difficult to find, but then all you need to do is carbonate the mineral water (which affects the pH).  Details at the link.


  1. I love that people spend money on water softeners and purifiers so they can make their tap water less like the mineral water they also spend money on.


  2. We have both a water filter and water softener because otherwise our well water contains so much iron and manganese its not very good for us and tastes rough. We have a sandy well also so we get sediment out of out pipes without a filter. It also preserves the lives of our household appliances to not get all the build up in them.

    So Chuck, there are good reasons to have filters and water softeners.

    1. Sorry, Melody. My answer was meant sort of tongue and cheek. My actual beef (if I have one at all), is with people's obsession with bottled water.

      I thought iron is good for you. They put it in vitamins. I bet you don't have anemia.


    2. I'll bet anonymous doesn't have hemochromatosis. :.)


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