27 January 2012

A boy's plaid dress (1854)

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s 1851 purchase and subsequent renovation of Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands caused a fad for plaid to sweep the fashion world. Fine tartans in wool and silk became the most desired fashion fabrics for all ages and styles of dress.
From Ye Olde Fashion.


  1. I think you mis-read the caption.It's a girl's dress.

    1. Sue, you picked up an error, but it's not the one you thought.

      I originally posted a photo of a girl's dress; then when I was checking the sources and credits I found a boy's dress at a different post at the same source. I thought that made the post even more interesting, so I substituted the photos - but forgot to change the link. Fixed now.

      Thanks for helping me clean up the post.

  2. And y'all thought "gender neutral" is a modern construct?
    I suppose it helped rich families to swap an unwanted female heir for a male one from a local source.
    Or the inverse:- check out the Virgin Queen of England.
    That's why Genealogical sites make me laugh as they follow the male line but completely ignore the possibility that a woman would tell a wee lie.
    As David Niven points out in one of his autobiographical books, in Malta during WW2 it was explained that the local Catholic Priests carried an umbrella so that when a marriage failed to produce offspring and the priest was called in to help God's Will on the way, he could leave it outside in case the husband returned, or a neighbour popped round,while he was "helping God".
    Allegedly, unfertile males are not allowed to become priests and, guts, if you dont like bishops checking your undercarriage by hand then don't fill out that "I want to be Pope" job application.

  3. Plaid seems to be making a combat according to your post. What women garments would this color mesh with the best? Thanks for sharing.


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