27 January 2012

Selections from the November "Harper's Index" #7

  • Amount employees of private-equity firm Bain Capital have donated to the campaign of its co-founder Mitt Romney: $69,500
  • To the Obama campaign: $119,900

  • Percentage of all Americans who consider themselves part of the top 1 percent of U.S. earners: 13
  • Miminum number of U.S. colleges that offer courses in unmanned-drone operation: 5
  • Portion of the Veterans Health Administration's budget devoted to veterans with mental-health or addiction problems: 1/3
  • Chance that a U.S. worker is of normal weight and without a chronic health problem: 1 in 7

  • Number of working-age people for every person  over sixty-five worldwide in 1950: 11.7
  • Number today: 8.6
  • Projected humber in 2050: 3.9


  1. Do this make voting republican the answer? If yes, how so? What kind of republican economics plataform could get funded better then the democratic, that turned out so good for Wall Street for the last four years (not to mention Citizens United)?
    Will America vote Obama in again out of fear of things getting worst? Will his campaign capitalize on fear instead of hope? Is anything a presidential campaign can do to beat a better funded Obama?

    1. That's basically all The Democrats (and Republicans) have to offer: "What are you gonna do, vote for one of them!?" *fiendish cackles*.


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