26 January 2012


Photographed in the Antarctic near Peterman Island by Kseniia Maiukova (Caters News), via The Telegraph.


  1. This looked very much like an iceberg that has flipped over after being sculpted by currents underwater. I had the incredible good fortune to actually see this happen when I lived in Newfoundland. We were just hanging out watching 'bergs when my friend said: "Hey, what's the white stuff around the base of that one?" It turned out to be frothing water churned up by the slowly toppling iceberg. It was quite far offshore, so it took quite a while for us to hear the SMACK of it as it hit the water, but it was memorable when we did. To think of something that size flipping over...

  2. It looks like a thumbs up for global warming.

  3. I wonder whether most icebergs end up flipping as they drift through the ocean.

    1. Most icebergs do end up flipping after they drift far enough south. The bottom (you know - the 90% of the iceberg below the surface) gets melted away by the warmer water until the 'berg just becomes too top-heavy and unstable.

  4. I thought they smelled bad on the /outside/.

  5. Anybody familiar with the 'anyone seen Kyle?' meme?

  6. I see a DR.Seuss Type Bird.


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