14 January 2012

"Little Edie" from Grey Gardens

Those unfamiliar with the Grey Gardens story can read a quick summary at Wikipedia, or explore it in depth at Grey Gardens Online.

The embedded photo (posted for the feline photobomb) shows "Little Edie" in 1972, at the time the documentary was being filmed.  The LIFE online site has a rather nice photoessay showing Little Edie in 1938 and images of her mother and the mansion and grounds.

I thought the 2009 HBO film was rather good; I have not seen the more famous 1975 documentary.


  1. I really like the 1975 documentary but I would like to take the opportunity to plug the Maysles brother's 1968 Salesman and 1970 Gimme Shelter. Both are brilliant in very different ways. Must see!

  2. The 1975 documentary was very unusual. Two women from the upper echelons of society reduced to living in squalor and isolation, yet the loved they shared was extremely moving. It's a must see.


  3. After Big Edie died in 1977, Little Edie moved to Florida and had a fairly normal life until her death in 2002.


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