02 January 2009

"Thank God we got penitentiaries"

I was reminded of the famous Richard Pryor skit after reading this in the WaPo:
[Sean Hawkins Jr.] was charged with assault. Hawkins was taken to the jail in Upper Marlboro, where he appeared before a court commissioner and was released on personal recognizance.

Hawkins then walked out of the jail and, according to police, carjacked a Toyota 4Runner in the parking lot. Arrested in Suitland a short time later, Hawkins told police that he carjacked the vehicle "because he needed a ride home from jail..."

Hawkins, 19, had been arrested by county police on accusations that he assaulted his mother by yelling at her and spitting on her. Once released, about 7 that evening, Hawkins, who is 6-foot-6 and weighs more than 300 pounds, yanked the driver out of the sport-utility vehicle and roared out of the jail parking lot...
In the embedded 6-minute sketch, the late Richard Prior details his opinions of criminals, Nazis, and hate groups. Those who remember him will know that the language that is NSFW (but your friends at work probably use the same language...)

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  1. i knew this guy he was a good athlete but was a DUMBASS in school...


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