08 January 2009

Bravo to this police officer and this protester

While I was standing there taking this picture, the guy in the left of the frame was asking the police officer whether he could join the protest. The officer told him very politely that he could not, because it was an unlawful protest and the police officers were now just trying to contain it. The guy in the left of the frame asked about his Constitutional right to assembly. "I understand how you feel," the officer said, "But these people have already committed acts of vandalism. Right now, our job is just to contain them."

That is a high-level, sensible, intelligent dialogue. Query and reply, point/counterpoint. Civility exemplified.

Image and text found at Flickr.

1 comment:

  1. I love hearing about police officers like this. Sometimes being the arm of the government with all that power can be overwhelming. Add to that the fact that USUALLY police officers deal with the dregs of society and almost universally in negative settings, a polite and reasonable police officer is a refreshing thing.


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