01 January 2020

Revisiting TYWKIWDBI's "Best of 2019"

I don't have favorite posts, because each of them are composed for different purposes - usually to instruct, sometimes to amuse, sometimes to save information for me to refer back to, or to store good music or personal memories.  No way to figure out what is "best" in that eclectic mix.

But I do have one favorite category - humor.  You can always go directly to those posts in the right sidebar under "categories" (or go to the link in the previous sentence).  But there are a thousand links there (and about 50 just for 2019), and that doesn't inclue the humor embedded in the gif-linkdumps.  So what I've done for this first new year's post is to extract from those linkdumps in 2019 all of the gifs that were filed as being cheerful or humorous.  They are arranged from January to December, so you can stop when you start remembering them.

2019 was not IMHO a cheerful year to look back on.  But these links gave me moments of joy on days when the internet was a gloomy or depressing area to browse.  I hope this conglomeration of them will help start the new year on a more upbeat note.  

(I haven't proofread these links.  Some are a year old, many will likely have undergone linkrot, and some may be duplicates.)

Girl with alopecia goes on a first date

Brain-damaged dog has "happy trots"

Deaf child visits Santa Claus

UPS delivery man greeted by local squirrel

When you're not a "morning person"

Girl gives her scarf to a homeless dog

Toddler dances to music of buskers

A compilation of four-generation families

Be careful of that step

People work together to save a dog

Man admires old car in parking lot (story at the link)

Child playing hide and seek 

Helping a deer on a frozen lake

Leaving the house with wet hair in the winter

Man rescues dogs from garbage dump

Boy in wheelchair gets to enjoy trampoline

Beth does not need more sambucas

Ninja cat

People dressed up as carwash brushes

Good boy is done shopping for the day

Nice dance moves

Sharing your skateboard with your dog

Dogs enjoying their day

Dog meets toy frog

"Zoomie riot" at dog park

Bird gathers nesting material

Happy girl dancing

Accidental kiss

Happy, happy cows

Classic Looney-Toons cartoon

A dog gets adopted

Dad skills

"Down you go" (licks paw)

Block-stacking (this may be a repeat, but if so, it's worth repeating...)

Sloth waves thank-you to human bro

Lady gets her hair colored green

Hard to describe in a few words... 

Unexpected gender reveal method

Buster Keaton compilation

Dog wearing "cone of shame" meets cat

Toddler's first steps

Dad gives his daughter a surprise gift

Man can't find his phone 

Filmed in a "typical British pub"

Infant's first glasses

Dog helps his human 

Girl asserts dominance over her sibling(s)

A couple propose to each other at the same time

Making children happy 

Father gets a pretend vaccination 

Dog returned to his owner

Girl with knife at carnival ride

Shower trick 

Dogs happy to return home

There are two types of dogs...

Clever lip-sync of Bo Rhap (best comment: "this is why girls take so long to get ready"

Who will catch the bride's bouquet?

Sexuality education video 

Babies don't like to have grass touch their feet

Fire fighters in the Amazon celebrate 

Oktoberfest ride 

Prank to pull on a small child (wooden spoon would be better than a knife)

Children surprise a classmate

Halloween decoration gets called away.


A boy gets a dog.

Dogs and cats jump around.

Girl learns she will have a baby sister.

Tucking in your best friend at bedtime.

Homeless man gets a new jacket.  Perhaps a repost, but worth revisiting.

Daddy's home!

Children can get lost in a city

People hearing sounds for the first time

Man feeding baby birds

Man rescues turtle

Thoughtful Christmas present 

Playing with a ball

And two I found today -

Learning how to muck the animal stalls and dispose of the waste

and one from the "better every loop" category.  I left the loop running this morning and laughed until my ribs ached.


  1. You gotta cut it out with the videos of dads getting cards and soldiers coming home.
    Both of those types of stories cause strange moisture to gather on the edge of my eyelid.


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