24 January 2020

There are two "Tywkiwdbis" in World of Warcraft

The acronym isn't copyrighted, and I'm not angry - just puzzled.  I presume it was a reader here who created the character - care to leave a comment on this post about the character?

Addendum: found another one - a High Warlord:


  1. No, that's a playable character, i.e. someone created and plays it. An NPC = non-player character, one which only Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft, can create and place in the game.

  2. There's a good chance she's mine. Does she have a creation date associated with her account? WOW was given up a long time ago but that does strike me as familiar. My primary character was a Rogue Gnome but there were a handful of other characters that were started to try-out different "skill-sets" and play styles. One was certainly a human paladin about that level. I attempted to reactivate my old account to check but they want me to pay so, meh.

    Sorry if using your blog titled crossed a line, it was never my intent to infringe. Your blog was likely open in another window during creation. It would have been used in tribute. I have followed your blog since near its inception, always something interesting! And thank you for sharing :)
    As someone from my distant past may have said <.< IDDIIWLTWIGT >.>

    m(_ _)m

    1. Not sure where to find the creation date. Her page is here -


      And as I looked for her today, I found another Tywkiwdbi -


      This one is a High Warlord.

  3. Just chequed the wow rosters; that character is played too recently and with a different play style. Very strange, I almost want to say she's my character that's been taken over by someone else... heh. There are only so many variations to choose from when creating a character. Strange how memory works, or doesn't. There is another character by your name as well, on the same server a lvl 120 Orc Unholy Death Knight, it seems you've already flushed it out.

  4. I tried to choose a fairly unique word for my blog.

    https://skeetmotis.blogspot.com/ Skeetmotis/

    p.s. Don't ask me what it means! :-)

  5. I know who's character that is, guarantee it, the female human pally. An old friend of mine is super into this website and he would definitely name his character that. I wouldn't want to give his real name but just in case he sees this he'll recognize my old character on that server as well https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/sargeras/korkee

  6. That paladin has also had all of its heirloom gear stripped which is odd since you don't have to mail your heirlooms back and forth anymore. That indicates an old disused character.


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