17 January 2020

"Country Life" humor from Punch, part I

The text on these pages can be very difficult to read. One possible workaround is to right-click on a page to open it in a new tab, then zoom the image on that tab.

Over a period of many years I clipped out selections from the "Country Life" section of Punch magazine and stored them in a "humor" scrapbook.  When I hosted parties at my apartment I would invite guests to sit down and try to read two pages while controlling their emotions and not smiling or laughing.  I don't recall anyone successfully doing so.  Now I'll try posting the pages here in the blog, a couple at a time.


  1. I didn't get very far before I lost it. First page, left-hand column, 5th item down: sex in Scotland. ��

  2. VERY hard to read, as were the scrapbook entries.

    1. I had to open them in a new tab and expand them.

  3. I was lucky enough to work in periodicals rooms for many years, and Punch was always the highlight of the week. Superior humor! You, or your readers, might enjoy tracking down the 1980 book, ISBN 9780241104965, "Cuttings: The Pick of Country Life," by Geoffrey Dickinson.


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