16 January 2020

Scrapbook, part III

The text on these pages can be very difficult to read. One possible workaround is to right-click on a page to open it in a new tab, then zoom the image on that tab.


  1. it is interesting to note that quite a few things that you cut and saved back when continue to be topics of interest on the internet!


  2. Kolo, I don't see it in the scrapbook (and I peeked ahead to the pages of the upcoming part IV). I must have thought it was so obvious at the time that I didn't include it.

    Looking at it now, it's obviously neither of the 10s, and I think I see all 7 parts of the 9 of diamonds. No guarantee; those GAMES magazine puzzles were tricky.

  3. I'm glad you have a public scrapbook now! 😃

  4. I was happily reading when I stumbled, because of the 'A banana is not a tree, it's an herb', and because we here in the normal world pronounce herb as herb, meaning in the above sentence it should be preceded by an a, rather than an an.
    Funny how you lot have adopted the French pronunciation 'erb for herb, but not 'ospital for hospital.
    Sometimes I open a can of cat food that was made in the U.S.A. and I laugh, just quietly, because the can is stamped with the words 'RECYCABLE ALUMINUM' Aluminum, lol, it's spelt aluminium.
    It's like we are from separate foreign countries but speak almost the same language.
    What's that saying you have ..... Oompha ?


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