08 January 2020

The joys of home ownership

Reposted from 2016 because it's still relevant.


  1. This cartoon made me smile, however, I am still on the fence about buying a house. From what all (and I truly mean ALL) of my house-owning freinds say, the repairs / upgrades to their houses seems to be never-ending.

  2. I think a lot of it comes down to taxes and whether having a mortgage is better than paying rent. (And there's also a certain element of control of housing expenses -- when my husband and I rented, our rent went up steadily $50 a month each year (almost 20 years ago) -- with a fixed rate mortgage, you at least know your monthly cost won't change.) Repairs can be a huge issue, especially if you buy an older home; if you buy new, you probably won't have a lot to worry about until about 15-20 years when your roof/water heater/air conditioning/furnace might need replacing.

    But about the comic, my husband and I are now thinking about downsizing and the above hits the nail on the head -- all those little things you live with have to be fixed, thrown away, addressed before selling's even an option.

  3. $20K to get your home into the buyable category is truly optimistic.


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