30 December 2019

Divertimento #171

Exhausted mother temporarily can't find her child
Man dodges death on an icy highway
Art installation at a mall
Non-Americans asked to guess cost of American health care
Interesting toy 
Faces created by artificial intelligence 
Astronauts asleep
Each ball is moving in a straight line
Various ways to tie shoelaces
Japanese omelette-rice dish

Nature and Science
Extracting crystals from a clay matrix (wow!)
Desert "resurrection plant"
Digital clock "refreshes" to prevent "cathode poisoning"
Demonstration that external angles add to 360 degrees
"Heart rot" in a tree
Chemical reaction ("elephant toothpaste" - annoying full video here)

Caracal jumps for a treat
Dog loves snow
Pony "zoomies" 
Dog in a chair (we won't say "sitting")
Puppy excited about his food
Dog on a carpet
  (I'll just stop here to note there is an entire subreddit called What'sWrongWithYourDog)
Golden Apple snail laying eggs
Cats reponding to a "cat face filter" on computer monitor 
Chinchillas take dust baths
Jumping spider
Crab swimming above the seafloor
Sable hides his giraffe toy
Two albino moose
Two-headed bearded dragon
Crab moves fast

Wait for it... wait for it...
Fire climbs a palm tree
School resource officer disciplines a student (warning: violence)
Truck becomes unbalanced during unloading
Gallery of dozens of "fail" gifs
Fireworks incorrectly used indoors at a school
Lady fills plastic bags with gasoline
"Trash the dress" video results in near-tragedy (one bride died this way in a river)

Impressive or Clever
Magic trick: where did she come from?
Art made with blue jeans
Shaving wood to a thickness of a few microns
Use a bridge to fill barrels without spilling chili pepper paste
Carving soap
Giftwrapping a box (doesn't always works, but sometimes does)
"Motor wheel" invention (1927)
Game of "Snake" completed

Sports and Athleticism
Dirt bike downhill run
A trick of perspective
Precision walking competition
Group jumprope

Humor or Cheerful
Children can get lost in a city
People hearing sounds for the first time
Man feeding baby birds
Man rescues turtle
Thoughtful Christmas present
Playing with a ball

Embedded images are from a gallery of photographs of Paris in the 1930s taken by Brassai (Gyula Halász, posted in Flashbak.  Brief text descriptions at the link.


  1. motor wheel - right into the horse poop! :-) :-)


  2. These posts bring me so much joy. This morning I'm on the couch with my tea and dogs and blanket chuckling to myself. I'm a long time reader from Ontario, Canada, and read your site very first in my feed reader. Thanks for filtering the Internet down in such an interesting way - I really appreciate all you do ����

    1. CeeMcDee, you've given me an idea for my first post of 2020. Get yourself a big pot of tea for tomorrow morning...

  3. Happy New Year, and thanks for your wonderful blog!

  4. Thank you. That was amazing. A kaleidoscope of infotainment.

  5. A surprise (from you anyway!) - all the "fail gifs" were drunk young women - mostly scantily clad! I'm not clutching my pearls or anything but it's odd from you!


    1. Actually, only ONE out of the EIGHT "fail gifs" involved scantily clad bimbos. Perhaps a sampling error on your part.

    2. Indeed you are right - I don't know what I was thinking. :)


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