24 January 2020

Boing Boing is celebrating their vicennium

Kudos to Boing Boing, which this week is celebrating 20 years on the internet.  I have been harvesting material from them for about 12 years; they offer a rich source of eclectic information, informed opinions, and incisive comments from their readers.  Two posts this week are of particular note:
Boing Boing is 20 (or33) years old today

Twenty years of blogging at Boing Boing
In the first one, Mark Frauenfelder presents the history of Boing Boing, and in the second Rob Beschizza offers links to a boatload of historic posts.

I had to look up the word for the title.  I was expecting to have to say "double-decennial", but it turns out there is a word for every twenty years: "vicennial" is from the Latin vicesimus+annus.   One could also use "vigintennial", but vice is nice.

Other anniversary terms.

You learn something every day.


  1. I've been visiting their site for as long as I've been using the internet. It's a shame that the site itself has become so bloated by adware as to be almost unreadable.

  2. Yes, 4 adverts for jewellery, one sort of article about a boxed wine dispenser and another about buying an Adobe package.


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