21 January 2013

Transgender time-lapse

"... a transgender young woman documents her transition from male-to-female in 1,000 time-lapsed photos taken over a three-year period."
In the YouTube comments, the subject notes having had FFS (facial feminization surgery) during this time period.  I wish the position of the face relative to the camera (and the camera to the room) had been standardized during the process, but it's still fascinating.

Via This Week and Miss Cellania.


  1. looks like Natalie Portman to me!

  2. I can't even begin to imagine the journey she's on. More power to her.

    (Heh, the capcha word was 'emergaa'. Apt, I think.)

  3. Did you notice how much happier she looked as time went by? I know someone who worked for the surgeon in San Francisco (where else) who pioneered the facial reconstruction surgery (obstetricians flatten male baby skulls and round off girl baby skulls). He had a lot of money.

  4. wow, she's beautiful.


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