11 January 2013

Jeopardy! online test questions and answers

The online testing for Jeopardy! has been going on this week, in three sessions.  I took part in the one last night, and got answered only about 30 of the fifty questions.  For those who missed out on the live sessions and would like to browse the questions in a leisurely fashion, they are posted in this Straight Dope online forum*.  And the unofficial/tentative answers are here.

*scroll back in the forum for questions from the previous nights' sessions


  1. Oh hey, are you a doper? Or did they just come up high in the Google search? (That board tends to do that.) I'm a sometimes-commenter there and love it. Much higher signal to noise ratio than I've found other places.

    1. Not a frequenter of the site; I found it with a search this morning.


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