30 January 2013

How bullfighting threatens condors

The Guardian explains:
Each year high up in the Peruvian Andes, people celebrate the sacred condor in dozens of celebrations known as Yawar fiestas. These festivals are also threatening the last few hundred condors left in Peru because the birds are incorporated into bull fights in a fusion of Incan culture and Spanish colonial influence.
Those who don't have 4:44 to spare to watch the video can skip to the 3:00 mark to see a condor tied on to the back of a bull.


  1. I'm Latino & I love my culture, But these backwards customs are total Bulls**t. How can they not realize they are raping their own heritage by doing this. You could make a paper mache condor (like a pinata) so that you dont have to use a real one. Makes me so mad my own people do this.

  2. The real issue is that condors would not be endangered, I imagine, if we had not taken or destroyed or polluted their habitat. Now the we have done so, we want to OTHERS to change to protect what WE destroyed?

    Isn't that like me building a landfill next to a horse farm, then, upon finding that horses are dying off, tell the owners that they really need to change their ways?

    I think the problem is that we have allowed expansion to rule us...instead of wisdom.

  3. This is so disturbing. I couldn't watch


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