23 January 2013

A depiction of world migration flows

A site called peoplemovin has a massive interactive graphic presenting data on migration into and out of countries around the world.  Click on your country's name in the left column, and the number and destination of emigrants is depicted.  Click on the right to access the immigration data.


  1. From the few countries not sending people to the U.S.A., the most populous is Palestine. I wonder if it is related with the new status of recognition of the state by the United Nations or simply with the israeli blockade.

  2. Am I missing something, when you click on Canada on either side it shows a line between the Canada's. How are people immigrating and migrating within their own country?

    1. That is curious and I don't see it on any of the other countries I've randomly clicked. The only thing I can think of beyond a glitch, it people with dual citizenship.


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