16 January 2013

Cabin photos

A sand dune shack on Nantucket Island, MA. Photo credit: Spencer Sight.

Ladder House near Dale, Norway. Photo credit: Olga Gladykowska.

Saami hut in Amarnas, Sweden. Photo credit: Charles Gaspar.

Island cabin on Senja, Norway. Photo credit Kristian Helgesen.

Four selections from the many hundreds assembled at Cabin Porn.  The bottom Norwegian one appears to me to be constructed in the old Viking tradition of upending a boat.


  1. These are awesome. Interesting thing about the 1st Norwegian pic: There almost looks like there's a human figure camouflaged in the rock in the bottom left part of the photo.

  2. Replies
    1. It has nothing to do with sex. The term is sometimes used to describe attractive things that people are interested in (seed and flower catalogs are sometimes called "garden porn.")

    2. Porn is an unnaturally perfect, idealized image of something that was already appealing, an image that may be logistically impossible. For example, none of these "cabin porn" images show mosquitoes or puddles. To be really pornish, the bottom one would have cropped out the wires.


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