30 January 2013

If your baby stinks...

... it's probably not for lack of perfume.  But you can now purchase expensive perfumes designed with your baby in mind:
...Dolce & Gabbana have decided to launch a unisex perfume for the newborn in your life.

Speaking about the company’s latest offering, which will go on sale later this year at the relatively modest sum of £28 for a 50ml bottle, the designer Stefano Gabbana said: “That familiar smell associated with babies will only be accentuated by this fragrance.” It will contain notes of citrus, melon and honey, all famously evocative of newborns, and will “pamper every little boy and girl”. The scent, which is alcohol-free, has been inspired by the “softness of baby skin” and the “freshness of baby breath”.
Worse still, Dolce & Gabbana is not the only fashion house to dabble in this particular brand of ridiculousness. Bulgari’s Petits et Mamans perfume features Sicilian orange, bergamot and Brazilian rosewood. Hmm, the sweet smell of infants! At £35, Burberry’s Baby Touch will cost you significantly more than your weekly child benefit (if you’re still entitled to it), but it does promise “warm floral notes of cyclamen, orange blossom, lily of the valley and jasmine”.


  1. baby perfume is common in some Hispanic communities. I remember from my younger siblings being babies that there was always violet water baby perfume or orange water baby perfume around changing tables.

  2. the cosmetics industry is largely unregulated. but go ahead, take a chance with that precious little newborn.

  3. Meanwhile adults are probably wearing "Baby Smell" perfume.


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