24 January 2013

Robert Louis Stevenson's baby book - online

A remarkable record of the first few years of author Robert Louis Stevenson’s life, as noted down by his mother in a “Baby Book”. The book featured above, published in 1922, consists of a facsimile of the original handwritten baby book followed by a transcription. Amid various baby-related milestones, such as first teeth, crawl, walk, etc., we hear reports of a young “Lou” (also called “Boulihasker, Smoutie, Baron Broadnose, Signor Sprucki,.. Maister Sprook”) first engaging with and questioning the world around him…
Screencap and text from The Public Domain Review.  Even if you're not interested in RLS's first words, there are lots of other very interesting books stored at that link.  Lots of material for bloggers.

1 comment:

  1. To say there are lots of other books stored at that link must be one of the first classic "understatements of the year", Stan. There is a huge - font size: gigantic - number of old films, photos, articles, music, and a host of other items that are now in "the public domain". You've found us another one of those modern wonders of the internet world to complement the collections in openlibrary.org and openculture.com. Many thanks.


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