07 April 2012

Need to cross a canal? Got a pole?

It's called Fierljeppen ("far-jumping").  The embed above documents a new world record distance, but they're not always successful.

Some discussion (mostly humorous) at Reddit.


  1. Now that is just awesome! (I love discovering new sports about which I have never heard, and yet clearly there are people who are very serious about it. It may be a "small world", but it's also a big world)

  2. I learned of this sport when it was featured in a sub-plot of the British TV show "Kingdom"...I think it was the second or third episode. Cool stuff!

  3. I was reminded of field gun competitions, which seems like more of a team effort: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32s4qCCFnmk

    1. Outstanding, Ben - and eminently bloggable (next week).

      Thank you.

  4. I used to love watching this sport when I was a little kid and ABC's Wide World of Sports truly did show a world presentation of sports around the world. Today, all we get are the big money sports, which is an uninteresting and paltry selection compared to what we used to get.


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