09 March 2012

"Bear pinata"

A suspended "hammock/tent" developed by U.K. company Tentsile as an extension of the more familiar hammock used by rock climbers.  Can house 5-8 campers and provide "separation from wildlife, including insects, snakes and other predators but also from sand storms, earth tremors, cold or wet ground, debris or contamination."

Tongue-in-cheek post title credit to Neatorama reader houndogg.


  1. They messed up their tagline. It should be "The World's Least Versatile Tent."

  2. It's a neat idea, but I'm not sure how you'd go about putting it up. First, you'd need to find a campsite with ideal tree placement. Then you'd need either a tall ladder, a climber with tree spikes, or Spiderman to place the ropes. And with no rain fly, wouldn't it leak in a hard rain?

  3. Certainly seems like a triumph of "design" over function.

  4. I wonder what happens when various members of the 5 to 8 campers start moving around in that thing. Also, does anyone know of any insects that would be deterred from crawling up the trees or simply flying in the tent?

    And I'm with andiscandis about erecting this tent. Is there a demonstration video?

    I think the title sums it up pretty well.


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