30 March 2012

Coloring Easter eggs using old silk ties

It's possible to bleed the colors from a silk tie onto an eggshell, as explained in this DIY article at Mommy Knows and in this older Martha Stewart column.

I have lots of silk ties from the 1940s that I inherited from my father and never wear; I think it's time to sacrifice a few for the sake of "art."


  1. Don't ruin those 1940's ties. Send them to me instead!

    I will wear them with great pride. Ties that have survived 72 years deserve to be worn, not turned in to Easter egg dye.

  2. Pffftttt... Hipsters... SMH

  3. Are the dyes used safe for food?

  4. Definitely going to try this!

    1. I tried it, and it didn't work. I'm wondering if the old tie I chose was labeled "silk" but maybe was just polyester, or was only silk-lined. So I wound up eating a white hard-boiled egg...

      Good luck.

  5. If you wish to test the tie to see if it is silk, try the burn test- cut a small piece and light it with a match (outdoors) if it balls up to a small hard ball- Polyester! if it crumbles and smells like burned hair then it is silk. (Costumers trick) They make really silk like polyesters and this is a test to check on your unmarked fabric. Good luck

  6. I have been doing this for 5 years now with alot of old silk ties. really works if you take the time and do it right.

    SJM Bethel Park Pa. March 23, 2013


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