18 March 2012

The official trailer for "Prometheus"

This looks like a movie that would be best viewed on a large screen in the theater rather than via DVD at home (and I highly recommend clicking the fullscreen icon at lower right to view the trailer).

Details re the movie at Wikipedia.

And some good discussion/speculation re this movie and Alien in this Reddit thread.


  1. I see a fullscreen button at the far right of the control panel.

  2. As a lifelong fan of the original Alien, and Ridley Scott, this is the movie I'm most looking forward to this summer. Looks amazing.

    1. Me too. After the severely disappointing AVP2, I'm glad they are returning to the franchise with the class it deserves. "Predators" was pretty good too actually.

  3. Well, the trailer left nothing to guess. Pass.
    I've always fancied the idea that earth is simply somebody's garden and when life maxes out they'll come back to harvest.

  4. Yes. I mean the trailer ays 'another take on maybe life is rare enough that we should keep our existance a secret', explains that their great discoveries lead them to a space ship, it shows this to be a bad space ship, it shows the ship taking off, the good ship kamekazi crashing itself into it, it shows the one 'bad' ship crashing back into the planet... why would I waste 20 dollars and an hour plus on the minutia when this theme has been done so many times?
    Of course the movie industry will say it's piracy that is killing their sales...

  5. Uh Stan, I bought a very cheap used 40" TV and have a blu-ray player.

    When me and the wife want the full effect we pull the couch up as close as we want, I reprogram the speaker distances into the receiver for the new position (one minute deal) and enjoy the sound that beats any commercial theater... along with a better picture. (and less stinky people, no cell talkers, custom intermissions, and the ability to drink, eat, wear what I want, etc etc etc)


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