11 March 2012

Onion rings used as egg molds

Preparation instructions from Apron Strings:
Slice your onion into 1/2 inch slices. Then, using the biggest one, place in an oiled skillet over medium heat. When one side is lightly browned, flip the onion ring over and crack an egg in the middle. If you want the egg yolk to show, dab the top of the egg yolk gently with a paper towel and remove the white over the top of it. Then, sprinkle a little water in the pan and cover the skillet. Cook until your egg is done as you like.
If you don't care for onions, they also offer a way to cook eggs inside avocado slices.


  1. Yummy looking way to class up a fried egg.

  2. Avocado turns brown and bitter when heated, but the onion looks great...remember to use a sweet Vidalia type.

    1. I love the taste of cooked avocados!

  3. In Argentina a popular way to add veggies to the meat-heavy asados (BBQs) is to cut a bell pepper in half lengthwise and put in on directly on the grill open-side up. You then fill it with different cheeses before cracking a raw egg in the improvised casserole dish and letting it all slowly cook with the meat. Easy and delicious.

  4. My sister does this with bell pepper rings - Anonymous up there beat me to commenting!

  5. Tangentially related: I learned how to make the perfect fried eggs from The New Best Recipe (which is the cookbook compiled by the people who do America's Test Kitchen). It's very very simple: you just fry them covered on the lowest possible heat for a few minutes. It cooks much more evenly and to a better texture than if you crack them straight into a very hot skillet.

  6. Eggs in avocado halves is a dish we recently discovered through Pinterest, and has become a family favorite. They're cooked still in the peel, so they don't brown up and get bitter.


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