12 March 2012

"The French Concoction"

From a list of adventures offered by Ultime Réalité, a French business that specializes in creating liveaction psychodramas “inspired by your dreams, your nightmares, or merely by a film or book.” A basic four-hour kidnapping costs $1,226. Translated from the French by Elena Ciocoiu.

Kidnapped while you leave a restaurant or in the parking lot of your supermarket, then handcuffed and tied up, you will experience the violence and terror of a real kidnapping—a psychological shock you won’t soon forget.

For two days, experience the craziest hunting of your life. As prey, you’ll hear the barking of dogs unleashed to chase after you. You’ll have only your gun, and at night you’ll try to fall asleep scared out of your wits that they might catch you. Or experience a more elaborate scenario: first kidnap your prey, who will escape, and then manage a team of hunters..
There's one more adventure listed at the source story in the May 2010 issue of Harper's Magazine.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a most dangerous service. They try to do this kind of thing in Prague as well, and most of it seems directed at English stag parties - mock police arrest or kidnapping. But it looks very poorly managed, as you would expect from tourist services for permanently drunk foreigners.



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