31 March 2012

Bioluminescent firefly squid

Very cool photo, and a fitting final image for the top of the blog today.   There's a little information about these creatures in Wikipedia, and a post about them in Atlas Obscura.

Via Reddit.  I've tried without success to track back to the photographer for credit, but most "similar image" searches wind up in Japanese tumblrs that I can't decipher.

See also the incredible image of a shoreline in Australia glowing with bioluminescent algae.


  1. Uh...definitely not firefly squid...some kind of jellyfish...you can see the bell of the jellyfish and the long tentacles...

    But very cool anyway!

  2. Amazing.

    I'm always looking for phosphorescence or bioluminesence during night walks at the beach. Seeing something like this would be outstanding.

  3. Dave here.

    They are Firefly Squid in Toyama Bay Japan.
    More info:

    1. Thanks, Dave. With those key words I was able to find additional photos here -


      But I have to agree with Daniel that the tentacles in the embedded photo appear to be too long to be those of squid, and look more like some type of bioluminescent jelly.


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