06 March 2012

When the Three Little Pigs kill the Big Bad Wolf...

... you'll read about it in the Guardian and discuss it in social media. That's the message in this well-crafted video advertisement.

Links to The Guardian and The Telegraph are in my "check daily" bookmark folder; the BBC and The Independent have fallen out of there into my 1-2X/week folders.  I frankly don't know where these sit on the political/social spectrum; I chose them because they're easy to browse and seem to cover a reasonable variety of topics.

Via Copyranter.


  1. The Sun Three Little Pigs:


  2. the guardian is widely thought to be liberal and left-wing, whether this is true or not is another thing entirely.

  3. oh yes, and the advert....
    In the days preceding this being shown on Channel 4 (after the 7 o'clock news? or after Make Bradford British possibly) little cryptic teaser snippets of the advert were shown, and when the full advert was finally played it opened with the text "Channel 4 presents an advertising exclusive". All a little bit pretentious.


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