18 November 2011

Reminiscent of Nagini in the Harry Potter series

But named Titanoboa after the real-life immense prehistoric snake discovered as a fossil, this is a robotic construction:
The Titanoboa project is an exercise in alternative forms of propulsion and power applications in transport. The purpose is to showcase this experiment by harnessing and enlarging the mesmerizing movement of the snake. The huge serpent has undeniable appeal as a surreal mechanical beast that moves in a seemingly magical way over land and will glide stealthily through the water. One or more participants will eventually interact with the piece by riding it or for the more ambitious, driving it...
If you're more interested in the man riding the "spider," visit Mashable for more information.


  1. Nagini? Good lord, is there ANYTHING that woman hasn't "borrowed" from other books? Nagaina was the female cobra featured in Rudyard Kipling's "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi".

  2. Anonymous: they're both simply from the Hindi for "serpent."


    Mt. Tywkiwdbi, thanks for posting this, and all your other amazing finds - I find so much great stuff here that I never would have seen otherwise, and truly appreciate it.

  3. Thanks, spidercamp - and tx for explaining the etymology of "nagini" (I something every day). :.)

  4. Me too - often, thanks to you. :)


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