18 November 2011

Afghanistan - a remarkable video

Absolutely watch this video full-screen to enjoy the high resolution (click the little icon with expanding arrows).

Ponder as you view their faces that these people are your brothers and sisters by principle, and your very very distant cousins by genetics.


  1. That was beautiful! Thanks you for sharing!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a photo or film shot of an unattractive Afghan. In addition to being handsome, they look so intelligent and self-aware; and they have a great sense of style. And yet they've suffered so terribly from continual war.

    I love that first shot of the man on the donkey, where he uses his stick to gently turn the donkey's head toward the camera so we can get a good look at its sweet face.

    --Swift Loris

  3. Stunning. Thank you for sharing. I almost feel as if I've been there. It is truly a shame the suffering so many go through because of war.

  4. Such a beautiful video.

  5. Beautiful! The part that hit closest to home to me was the little twin girls. I have twins, and I have become friends with many moms of twins. Twins have become so common here in the states with all the fertility treatments, that we forget that twinning happens all over the world. That one scene made it so much more personal to me.


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