28 November 2011

Laurel and Hardy dance scene from Way Out West

This two-minute segment from one of their better movies is often cited as an iconic moment in the transition of the entertainment industry from vaudeville to cinema.  It's not really "funny," so much as, well... pleasant and enjoyable (for those in a hurry, the dancing begins at about 1:15).

What I hadn't realized before preparing this post was how many times this scene has been remixed with modern music, including Santana, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and many others.  I thought this version was particularly well done:


  1. I'd classify it as funny, maybe not knee slapping but goofy and amusing for sure.
    It a really well choreographed piece where neither leads and both male dancers affect feminine dance moves.

    It's certainly from a time gone by.

  2. The timing is a bit off on Billie jean. Either the video of the music should be adjusted. I like this one better:


  3. But I don't know that music (showing my age, I guess...)

  4. Gee, the dance moves go much better with the original music, I think.

    I never saw that clip. Utterly charming.

    --Swift Loris


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