15 November 2011

Crystal Gayle sings about lasers

There have been a flurry of posts and articles about a new development in laser therapy; apparently the process can be used to delete or diminish brown pigment in the human iris, resulting in a blue eye.  I'm not going to dig into the science here, but it did remind me of this song by Loretta Lynn's younger sister. 

It's hard to believe the song is over 30 years old now.


  1. Crystal Gayle is Loretta Lynn's baby sister?!! Of all the wonderful things I've read on your blog, this blew my mind the most.

    I don't know what that says about me really, but I had to share.

  2. Egad! What a voice! Plus, I think that Crystal was even better looking than her older sister. I especially liked it when her hair was down to her heels.

  3. Well, it's not *that* hard to believe the song's 30 years old. :-)


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