17 November 2011

Math fun on an old "Countdown" program

It's actually not as difficult or complicated as it seems.  There are several explanations in this Reddit thread.

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  1. It's not hard at all, but it is impressive under pressure and this gameshow is amazing.

    My thought process went like this:

    (1)(75/25)x3x100 gets you to 900, close but not close enough.

    (2)(75/25)x3x(100+6) gets you to 954, really close, but still off by 2.

    (3) Given that you're dividing by 25, 50/25 would give you the two you need. So (75x3x(100+6) - 50)/25.

    Step three took the longest to see, while the other two steps came fairly quickly. I'm pretty sure I would *not* have done it in the time allotted.


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