18 November 2011

FADs ("fish aggregating devices") explained

I learned about these from a video at The Guardian, which I couldn't embed, so I searched YouTube to locate the one embedded above.  Both were crafted by Greenpeace.


  1. This could be the story of my life. How I lived to see the Oceans decimated. Overfishing maybe more so than global warming and oil spills, pollution.

    We humans are a virus on the Earth's surface.

  2. FADs are many things, offshore drill rigs, skuttled ships, artifical reefs, (even, if you want to get down to it, docks and floating bouys). All provide some habitat value (or they wouldn't attract fish) and a good assist to recreational fisheries, which support local economies and nurture our next generation of conservationists.

    The point I take away from this is that they shouldn't be used for commercial/industrial exploitation (those guys are too efficient already).


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