23 November 2011

The Tea Party congressmen start to cash in

It's not just the Tea Partier, of course.  And not just the Republicans; all the elected officials do this.  It's a big trough.
A joint analysis by iWatch News and the Center for Responsive Politics has found that the 15 freshmen members of the Tea Party Caucus have embraced many of the same special interests that have supported Republicans for years. The fifteen combined have received over $3,450,000 during the first three quarters of this year from almost 700 different PACs...

“Business as usual,” says Mary Boyle of good-government group Common Cause. “The lobbyists and other traditional Washington powers know that the newbies will learn fast that they need them, and their rolodexes.”..

The Bankers Association is another notable, given the full throated support of the financial system raised by some members of the Tea Party Caucus. Freshman Joe Walsh recently screamed at a constituent who asked about big banks’ role in the financial collapse, "Don't blame the banks ... that pisses me off.” In fact, over 17 percent of the money brought in by the Tea Party Caucus freshmen came from the financial institution, according to CRP numbers.... 
Further details, with info re individual congressmen, at the Center for Public Integrity's iWatch website.


  1. Gee, imagine my shock. "Belly up, boys - it's feedin' time! Yee-haw!"

  2. This is why term limits won't work. Can you imagine what the lobbyists could do with a fresh batch of congressional virgins ever third term?


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