23 November 2011

Difficulty drinking water

Many websites this week have commented on (and usually decried) a recent EU ruling that producers of bottled water are forbidden to advertise their products with a health claim that drinking water may prevent dehydration.  Most of the discussions, including the one at the Guardian,  reveal some confusion on the part of the writers between the biologic conditions of dehydration (free water depletion) and volume depletion (isotonic salt and water depletion).

But that was too boring to blog, and mocking bureaucrats is too easy and repetitive.  Much more interesting was a series of seventeen photos depicting "women struggling to drink water," assembled at Hairpin.  The photos were extracted from stock images (similar to their previous post on Women Laughing Alone With Salad). The implied sexual imagery isn't very subtle. 

Via Sociological Images, where one commenter reminded everyone that there is a similar cinematic moment involving a man:


  1. Beware dihydrogen monoxide it kills thousands every year and industry still has the nerve to slip it into products all the time.

  2. Not to mention most bottled water contains salt.

  3. @JDJarvis--And we get all worried about being poisoned by the plastic bottles!

  4. (That Anonymous was moi, Swift Loris.)


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